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The potential of Online Advertising is humongous. 1 billion dollar per day is being spent on Online Advertising…There are more than 100 million Online Marketers who are searching for space to advertise their business. Some of the famous places you can advertise online are, Facebook, Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo etc. You might be thinking whatever these social media platforms above are giving you is FREE. In a sense they are free. But, these social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube etc sell your presence in them to the Online Advertisers and make billions or dollars. You have become a “Carrot In Front of the Horse” per se, which Facebook flaunts in front of the eager Online Advertisers. Each of your mouse click on Facebook ad, Facebook charges it’s clients and makes big money from that. So, my friend, like the old saying, “There is no such thing as a FREE lunch ” in this world.

But whether it’s Facebook or Google or Youtube etc, they keep all the money to themselves. They don’t share it with you or me,  we are, who in reality, are the audience who create these income to these social media giants. You spend so much time and bandwidth on FB etc and YOU are the reason for FB becoming a billion dollar company. Think about it. So, what if, Facebook decides to give a portion of it’s profit to it’s members? Can you imagine such a scenario? That will be like the ultimate income….

Lets say Facebook earns 5 cents for YOUR ONE PARTICULAR CLICK…
Will you refuse it?And Facebook decides to pay you 0.0005 cents to you. I don’t think so. LOL. Same with Google… No one in his right mind would say no, if any of these media giants offer to pay you
per your click. That model is the ultimate business model.


TAP or The Advert Platform is the new kid on the block… And TAP wants to share it’s profit with you unlike Facebook and Google… And you also can advertise your webisite, blog, affiliate link in TAP to get “Buyer Leads” And for the advertising pack you purchase company pays you “Profit Share” The only condition to earn that “Profit Share” is, You have to complete your daily 12 tasks which takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes in a day. Apart from Profit Share, there is a Lotto system inside TAP, where you can earn €100 everyday for FREE and there is a “Spin Wheel” where you have a chance to win a jackpot. These are icing on the cake. I know these are excitements enough for you to join TAP. If so, here is the link to join my team…


There is more… If you prefer to promote TAP (The Advert Platform), you will earn 10% referral commission on all your referrals purchases. But that is an option. Not mandatory. So, if you are happy to purchase credit packs and promote your business, it’s ok. But if you want to promote TAP, we can help you with that and that is the short cut to big money. And one year down the line, you would be jumping like this guy who is the highest earner in TAP as of today… This man is my mentor in The Advert Platform. I don’t his plans. But, I plan to earn at least €150,000 in 2017 from TAP And my mentor has promised me to help me in this quest. Being part of my team, you can make use of all my tools and trainings to build your TAP business. You join my team and connect with me and I will do all in my powers to make you successful in TAP. Because, I believe in Zig Ziggler’s quote… hoever you are, where ever you are, YOUR DREAM IS POSSIBLE, my friend. What is life without a worthwhile dream to chase? And in 2017, TAP is the best possible vehicle to chase your dream. Get paid every 20 minutes…(Better than waiting for salary once a month) Win Lotto, win Jackpot in Spin Wheel, refer and earn referral commission. This is “Embarrassment of riches”. Give TAP your best shot.

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