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Cashback systems are very popular these days, more than ever before and there are numerous cashback providers. Consumers are familiar with the principle of collecting points for many years. Whether shopping, phone calls or flying there are many customer loyalty programs where you can collect Loyalty Points. Due to digitization many classic customer loyalty programs have evolved to cashback systems today.

wee benefit people

The weeCONOMY with it’s weeAPP and online Crowd Selling Platform YubyYu has brought a whole new way of collecting cashback points on the market. It offers many advantages and great differences compared to other cashback systems.

The Special

How is it special? The weeAPP or weeCARD allows you to collect valuable weeS on every purchase you make from a weePARTNER WORLDWIDE. You can have this weeS cashback paid out in the form of cash. Or encash them on your purchase at a local wee acceptance point (weePARTNER).

The Benefits

  • Shop with all weePARTNERS worldwide and collect wee-cashback The value of theweeS is calculated in the local currency.
  • Shop round the clock and collect weeS on 10 million branded items in well-known online-shops on the crowd selling platform yubyyu.com
  • Collect real cash-back credit on all of your everyday purchases and have cash paid out to you. Or you can redeem them directly when you next make a purchase from a localweePARTNER business.
  • weePARTNERS and their offers and advantages can easily be found with the weeAPP, which includes directions to the weePARTNER’S business.
  • Coming soon – benefit from interesting offers via video mail.
  • Invite friends with weeKISS and receive even more weeS as a thank you. Every time one of your friends shops using the wee
  • weeCHARITY – we want everyone to profit in the wee. That is why we will support international projects aimed at disadvantaged children. You can decide what percentage of weeS you would like to donate.

One Card, One App, One Cashback System

With only one card and app all weeCONOMY members (weeMEMBER) are networked together and collect points (weeS) worldwide, while shopping in retail stores or online through the online shopping platform www.yubyuy.com. TheweeAPP shows you immediately how much money you have “earned” per purchase. The value of the weeS is calculated in the local currency (Example: 1weeS = 1 Euro value)

Optionally, the collected weeS can be paid out to a reference account, or redeemed directly when making a purchase from a local weePARTNER business. AsweeMEMBER you buy a product or service at a weePARTNER and register by QR Code this purchase in the weeApp. For that you get credited a bonus in the form of so-called “weeS”. The value of this is calculated in the local currency and then transferred either into your account or you encash them on your purchase at a localwee acceptance point (weePARTNER).

You can also collect weeS when shopping on the online shopping platform YubyYu. Additional discount coupons from shops on the YubyYu platform, help you to save even more! Collecting weeS online is easy: log in on www.yubyyu.com, go shopping and get wee-cashback on every purchase.

How it works

weeconomy-cashback-system-blog-pixDepending on your smartphone, go to Google Play or the App Store and search for ‘weeAPP’. You need an ID in order to register, this ID can be obtained through the following ways:

  • At a local weePARTNER near you
  • A friend, who is already a weeMEMBER, via theweeKISS function of the weeAPP.

The weeCARD is a card that you can use instead of or in addition to the weeAPP. With this card you can collect weeS and have it paid out to your bank account. You can get a weeCARD FREE of charge from a local weePARTNER near you.


No weePARTNER near you?

The weeCONOMY is still new, it’s possible that you may have no weePARTNER near you yet, to get a weeID or weeCARD. No problem – you can inquire any time by phone or via email at any weePARTNER. Their contact info’s can be found in theweePARTNER search on the weeCONOMY website.

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